This structure was developed in conjunction with the government's sporting authorities to manage and regulate all the non Olympic and non Karate associated Martial Arts.

To ensure that the various Martial Arts do not dominate one another, the Block format is used which gives each Martial Art it's own jurisdiction.

Block members and executive members are elected democratically by means of a voting process.  This prevents personalities becoming Martial Art gods and autocrats.

Schematically the MASA structure is as follows:

MASA is governed by a Constitution and each Block must manage it's own affairs.  MASA represents the blocks regarding general martial art matters and colours administration.

Through MASA we as Kickboxing are authorized to practice kickboxing as an official sporting code.  This is the reason why we receive national colours authorized by SASCOC  (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) of which MASA is a registered member.

For any Kickboxer to obtain official Provincial, National or President's colours, you must be a member of the SA  Kickboxing Association, be selected as a member of a provincial team and participate at the SA National Championships. Each style / organization within the Block can operate independently for the development of the specific style they belong to. You do not attend the SA Championships as a style or individual club unless authorized by the SAKA Chairperson.


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