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All Provinces are invited to attend the official amateur kickboxing championships with their selected provincial teams over the period 26 April to 28 April 2019. Only students and instructors from registered clubs are allowed to be part of Provincial teams. Any student or instructor not registered to SAKA will cause the disqualification of the whole province. Please provincial heads, ensure that the fighters are from registered clubs and they are trained kickboxers. The web site indicates who are registered clubs. Should the club not be on the registered list it is not a member. The provincial team members are selected fighters who had to qualify according to provincial standards. The SA`s is not an open free for all event. Please no beginners at the SA’s. No foreigners are allowed to be included in provincial teams, only SA citizens.

Purpose of the SA Championships. To determine who the official SA Amateur Champion is for 2019 per style and weight division. To select the National and President Squads for the period 2019 / 20 until the next SA`s. Senior National and President`s teams will be selected to attend the WAKO World Championships later the year.

Place and Venue. The Championships will be held at the De Jagers Sport Complex, 82 Voortrekker St, Oudtshoorn.

Dates. The event will be organized as follows; Weigh-in, Official`s / Coaches meeting and AGM – 26 April at the above venue. Junior Tatami Sport and Senior Ring Sport at the Venue – 27 April. Senior Tatami and Junior Ring Sport – 28 April. These dates / activities cannot be changed to suit individuals and their special arrangements.

Tournament Organizers. Josh Cloete = 074 143 4963 / Sors = 083 557 5651 / Anne vd Merwe = 083 634 8080.

Participation. Forms, Semi Contact, Light Contact, Kick Light, Full Contact, Low Kick and K1 rule Fighting. A FIGHTER MAY ONLY DO TATAMI OR RING SPORT, NOT BOTH. Juniors under the age of 12 do not do Ring Sport. We must specialize to participate at the highest standard in the world. WAKO was accepted by the IOC, GIASF, the IWGA and the University Games as the only official Kickboxing Organization. Therefor selections will be strict. Ring Sport fighters who do not have an opponent will be tested in another mode and should the fighter fair well the fighter will be placed in the Squads in his / her preferred mode. Ring Sport fighters must bring a short and long pants with.

IMPORTANT Should there not be more than 4 fighters in a tatami division the fighters will be moved to the following division. The reason being that we cannot select a fighter to represent SA if they are not properly challenged. Selections will be made according to your capability. Should you not fight in your preferred style and do well you will be selected to represent SA in your preferred style. All Ring Sport fighters will do an event medical at the weigh - in. All Participants Must have done their annual SAKA medical checkup and the SAKA medical form must be signed by a medical doctor and bring along a copy thereof to the weigh – in. ( as per constitution / medical procedure). All fighters hand in a correctly completed indemnity ( draw from web ) at the weigh - in. The parents of all participants under the age of 21 must have signed their indemnities. Incorrect indemnities will not be accepted or allowed. NO INDEMNITIES WILL BE AVAILABLE AT WEIGH-IN. Have it completed and signed before you come to the SA`s. NO INDEMNITY AND MEDICAL FORM NO PARTICIPATION. Each Provincial Chairperson must also hand in the instructor`s declarations.

Weight Divisions. Similar to Great North 1weights which is presently on the website.

Ages. Seniors are fighters between the ages of 19 and 40 years old and Veteran men and ladies 41 to 55 years old. Cadets and Juniors are between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. Juniors younger than 10 can participate but cannot be included into international teams. There will be a Pee-wee division. It will be a weight lower than the lowest junior weight division.

Entries. R300 per participant for the first style of participation and should you participate in more than one style you pay an extra R50 for each extra style. Once you have entered there are no refunds even though you withdraw or be disqualified. Provinces must organize their teams and do their administration in advance. The Entry Form will be forwarded to the provincial chairperson and placed on the web. All administration will be the responsibility of the Provincial Chairperson of each province. Cut off dates;

1. Entry forms must be sent to Marie at pcarney@mweb.co.za and Anne vd Merwe at morrisapteek@mweb.co.za by 15 April 2019 before 18h00. All provincial trials have already been done, there ought to be no late entries.

2. Each province will pay the correct amount over into the W/C Provincial Kickboxing account no 62753257495, FNB, Branch no 250655 as per entry form. Proof of payment sent to above mails by 20 April 2019. No payments will be accepted here after. Ensure that the provincial payment is correct as per your entry list. The feeble excuse that people are only paid by the end of the month is not acceptable. The dates of the event has been on our web since January 2019.

3. Should a fighter`s weight be incorrect at the weigh–in for the division he / she will participate in, a disciplinary penalty of R200 will be payable for the change to the next weight division or be disqualified. Please weigh your students on a calibrated scale. For mistakes on the provincial entry lists the chairperson will pay a disciplinary penalty of R500 per mistake. BAD ADMINISTRATION WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED. This includes late submissions and payments by provincial chairpersons. DISCIPLINE IS OUR MOTTO.

Equipment. Only the correct equipment and clothes will be allowed. Check the web. Should you not have the correct equipment to compete in you will be disqualified. Limited amount of kit will be sold at the SA Championships as all fighters should by now have the correct kit. Please make sure to obtain kit beforehand. There will be no discussions regarding this matter. Sanctioned brands are Kickboxer, Ring Star, Chayil, Title ( not the Title head guards and toy gloves ), Shen, Kixx / HGear, Fairtex, Dragon, Addidas, SAP and Top Ten. We will be strict. Should the LOGO of the make not be on the kit it will not be accepted as official. For all Ring Sport styles you may only wear leather or rexon gloves.For continuous fighting and Ring Sport you must wear hand wrap under the gloves. No plasters, bandages etc. For high kick styles you wear a long kickboxing pants and for low kicking styles you wear short kickboxing pants. Ring Sport fighters must bring both pants. Shorts with Muay Thai logos on are not allowed at Kickboxing events. This is an international regulation.

Rules and Regulations. Check the web. Once a fighter is ahead by 10 points in Semi contact the contest stops. Should your fighter not have mastered the art to defend him / herself the fight will be stopped. We do Kickboxing according to WAKO Championship standards. Tatami Sport is controlled but firm contact. Please do not include beginners in your provincial teams. By doing this you are lowering the standard of your provincial colours and endangering your fighters.

Awards: A trophy for first, second and third places. Each fighter will receive a participation medal. Winners of the official SA Championship divisions will receive a certificate indicating that he / she is the Official SA Kickboxing Champion for 2019. A prestigious certificate to have.

University Students. Provinces must provide Josh Cloete with a name list of all their registered university students at the AGM. The reason for this is that WAKO has been accepted to the international University Games. Student numbers and the name of the university must accompany the list.

Sequence of Events;

1. Weigh – in; 26 April 2019. We will use four calibrated scales, Two for juniors and two for seniors. It will be at the venue starting at 12h00. We will not accept anyone after 13h00. No parents will be allowed in the weigh-in area only the chief provincial coach. Should the fighter`s weight, indemnity and medical be incorrect he / she will be sent to the back of the cue to have admin corrected. Should the fighter return and still be overweight they WILL pay the disciplinary fine.

2. Official`s / Coaches meeting; 26 April 2019. At 14h00 at the venue.

3. AGM for all instructors; 26 April 2019 at 15h30 at the venue. All agenda points to be sent to Pat by 15 April 2019. Here after no points are accepted.

4. Opening; 27 April 2019. March on for all provinces at 08h00 at the venue.

5. Junior Forms; 27 April 2019. Immediately after the march on. At floor 9.

6. Junior Tatami and Senior Ring Sport; 27 April 2019. After march on.

7. Senior Forms; 28 April 2019. At 08h00 on floor 9.

8. Senior Tatami and Junior Ring Sport; Starts at 09h00.

9. 29 April 2019; Departure.

10. PLEASE, NO INDIVIDUAL CONTACTS ME OR THE ORGANIZERS TO HAVE THE SEQUENCE CHANGED. All the people assisting adapts their lives and work to suite the SA`s. We will not change anything to suite an individual.

Responsibilities; Each province must provide the organizers with the names of their qualified coaches, referees and judges at the officials meeting. Provinces mentioned will be responsible to provide 2 table officials for Tatamis on 27 and 28 April as follows;

- Eden = Floor No 1

- Northern Gauteng = Floor No 2

- Cape Town = Floor No 3

- Western and Central Gauteng = Floor No 4

- Wineland = Floor No 5

- Limpopo and Mphumalanga = Floor No 6

- Eastern Gauteng = Floor 7

- KZN, OFS and Sebideng = Floor = 8

- West Coast = Floor 9

- Each province must provide two Judges and Referees for Ring Sport. The event organizers must provide the time keeper and draw sheet administrator for the ring.

- The event organizers will manage the Forms. There must be four senior officials from different provinces judging the forms.

- FORMS MUST BE ON WAKO STANDARD. If you don`t know the standard don`t enter. This is not a development event. All forms are musical forms.

All Officials MUST wear the SAKA shirt and black pants. Each province must make its own official`s shirts. Make sure that your officials have been trained to do the various jobs and know the official rules. Each province must supply qualified referees and judges. Remember all instructors will be refereeing / judging. NO INSTRUCTOR COACHES STUDENTS. Each province provides coaches.

The chairperson will appoint a senior grade person to ensure that floors run smoothly and that fair play takes place. No executive member or instructor no matter what your position will own this job for him or herself.

Championship T- Shirts Will be on sale. First come first serve.

Squads will be placed on the web site as soon as possible after the SA`s. Winning a division does not mean that you will be selected. The entire division can be weak. Fighters who have been selected for the National and the President Squads and can attend the international events must have a PERMANENT PASSPORT, Not a temporary passport. All international event information / administration will be issued in the form of Info documents on the web site after the SA`s. Do not bring Professional fighters of other organizations to this event. A first time SAKA pro may fight amateur within his first year of pro.


Seeing forward to meeting everyone as friends in kickboxing. We have achieved a lot let’s take it further.

Pat Carney ( Chairperson SA Kickboxing Association )


Send mail to pat@kickboxer.co.za